I feel like this post is long overdue.  Not sure where to start, but here it is anyways! Last Spring, I announced that our family was going to move out of state. The timing was perfect: I was extremely overworked and sleep deprived (moving would give me the chance to rest!), both kids would start school (first grade and kindergarten), we would be able to afford our dream house and best of all, have real winters!

So I made plans to move out of my commercial space, broke the (very hard to announce) news to my employees and clients, lined up the moving company and found to perfect neighborhood for our family to move to. 

But life being what it is, the move did not happened as planned. It did not happened at all. My husband just could not see the picture of our lives over there coming together. He was very nervous, felt like we would be putting our family at risk. I was heartbroken to see that dream go, but at the same time relieved that I could keep Blue Cupcake alive, and keep doing what I adore.

At the same time, I had learned enough during the past three years to know that things could not go back to what they were. I remembered reading this post from a fellow mom-baker-business-owner about how overwhelming it is to manage the business and family life. Every sentence describes what my life was, week after week. Yes, I was that mom too. And it was not okay.

So after taking some time off this summer, doing a lot of thinking, and missing my passion for baking and decorating, I decided to accept orders again. But the conditions are now very different: it is just me, in a much smaller space, doing only a few orders every week, and taking my time to make them as perfect as I can, because I LOVE IT!

And on the other side I get to drive my kids to school every day, meet again with friends I haven't seen in a few years and make new ones, visit my family on the East coast, volunteer at the school garden, cook for my family, enjoy time with my husband, be a healthy person again, be a family again. And I LOVE IT!

To my dear clients, thank you so much for your understanding. And to my readers, thank you so much for stopping by every week. THANK YOU!!!