It is funny how sometimes we get multiple orders with similar themes all at once. Recently, we got many requests for game themed cakes and cupcakes. I was able to captured pictures of some of them, so here they are!

Here are some fun Angry Birds cupcakes and a cake made for a Trio Events birthday celebration. I have played the game a few times, but my 6 year old son was my design consultant on this. He gave me all the pointers to make everything look as close to the real thing as possible!

Angry Birds dessert table
 Candy jars and mini cupcakes
Love the Mighty Eagle!
 Angry Birds cake and cupcakes with birds, sling shot, and pigs

 Frying pan with the bird's eggs

We did an 80's theme cake for a roller skating party. This is everything the client wanted: a retro roller skate, pac man, some zebra print and the color hot pink. Here's how we combined all the elements!

80's cake

 Some details: the roller scate, pac man game and the zebra print topper

And here another 80's cake! This is a Rubik's Cube groom's cake. The groom's own cube was display next to it, which we used as a model for the colors on each side.

Rubik's Cube cake