When I first started with the company, I would always take the time to take pictures of every project. Now that we are doing so much more, the cakes and cupcakes are not documented as much for many reasons: no time, someone else is setting up at the event, we have already made and posted pictures of a similar project, or I just forget to bring the camera with me! Well this past weekend, I made a point of taking a picture or two of every orders (I am missing a beautiful Rapunzel cupcake tower - oh no...). Most are taking quickly at the bakery with the stainless refrigerator as a background, but it is better than nothing, right? So this is what a Blue Cupcake weekend looks like!

Fairy tales cakes and cupcakes
The theme of this party, designed by Jennifer Currier of La Soiree Chic, is fairy tales. The tables all had a different theme, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Frog Prince and the Princess and the Pea. I always like the creativity that goes into a boy/girl theme, and this one was no exception! 

Cake inspired by The Princess and the Pea 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Some of the fairy tales cupcakes
This mermaid cake is one of my all time favorites. We first created the design for this event, and it's been a classic ever since.

Mermaid cake
And the mermaid sugar figurine - really like her!
We also made desserts for a wedding. The bride feel in love with our coconut cake and wanted to keep it simple, while having touches of Tiffany blue on the cake and other treats. I don't have pictures of the display, but here is the cake and macarons.

2-tier coconut cake
Row of miniature pearls ornate the blue ribbon
The bride selected the hazelnut and salted caramel macarons
This other cake was made for a tea and cupcakes party. We also did the coordinating cupcakes with  tea cups, tea pots and mini desserts on stands.

Tea party cake 
 Some details of the cake topper and the ruffle birthday sign

 The ladies are having tea, of course!

This very simple cake was made for a baby shower, along with mini cupcakes. The lamb was inspired by a fun chair the baby will have in his room.

Baby shower cake with lamb topper
Another classic cake we do on a regular basis is the barn yard cake. No picture of the rest of the clan, but this cupcake and cake tower is always beautiful!

Barnyard and sugar animals on top of the cake
Barnyard cake

And last but not least...  The client wanted to surprise her uncle with a cake that would showcase his passion for gardening and cooking. I had so much fun making all the little details, it takes a long time but I really like doing that kind of detailed work!

Gardening and cooking cake
Tools, plants, and vegetables are on the gardening tier 

And in the kitchen there are more tools, pasta, vegetables from the garden, and cupcakes!
The cake topper with pots and pans
Voila! Now you know why I take the day off on Monday... Please tell me what you think, I love reading your comments!