Alice in Wonderland sure is a popular theme! The cupcakes in the previous post were inspired by the new movie, while these are based on the original animated film.

This way... That way!

Topsy turvy 2-tier cake

Ready for tea

The guests table and plant-your-own-flowers take home project

"Thank you for the amazing work on the gorgeous
and yummy Unbirthday Cupcakes and
Topsy Turvey cake topper. A huge success!"

This event was designed by Jennifer Currier of La Soiree Chic.

Alice in Wonderland cupcake tower for a Mad Hatter fan!

To stay in the Hollywood spirit...

Hollywood cupcake and cake tower

... we recently did cupcakes for the release of the Dreamworks animated feature How To Train Your Dragon. I did not get the chance to see the movie yet, but my kids did and they both loved it! Lots of imaginary dragons flying around lately!

How To Train Your Dragon cupcakes