Yesterday, we took part in a fabulous Wizard of Oz party celebrating two little girls birthday. The event was planned by Leesa of Send in the Clowns and it was stunning in every way! After watching the movie with my sketch pad on hands, I decided to tell the story from the bottom to the top of the towers. From Dorothy's farm to her journey to Oz, I am proud to show you the pictures of our latest creation...

Dorothy on the top 2 tier cake

Gabrielle's Wizard of Oz cupcake tower

Some glittery details: the cake topper and the famous red slippers

Apple tree, lion, Toto behind the hot air balloon

Tin man and corn field

...and Olivia's Wizard of Oz cupcake tower!

The Good Witch

And now some details of the party!

Party favors and lunch area for the guests

Craft tables and balloon rainbow

Party hats and Oz glasses

Photos by birthday cake photography. Thank you Maggie for sharing your pictures with us!