I have been very lucky to make cakes for so many events at The COOP throughout the years. The parties carefully planned by the two owners, Juliet and Lucinda, are just amazing! If you have never been to this wonderful play place, don't hesitate to plan an afternoon visit during the summer break! 

First of all is a a fire engine and school bus themed party...

Then here are a few pictures of this fun Sesame Street event, complete with gold fish party favors.

Last but not least, I hope you like the desserts made for a triple birthday party with a Wizard of Oz theme.  Each boy had a cake: the scarecrow in the corn field with the hot air balloon as topper, the lion in Emerald City, and the tin man with the (marshmallow) tornado. There was also some fun decorated cupcakes and French macarons in the colors of the rainbow!