This post marks the 4 year anniversary of Blue Cupcake (this is insane!!!!!), 4 years of documenting my baking projects on this blog. Thank you so much for following my adventure! There are so many fantastic cake and baking websites, I feel privileged that you choose to stop by this address once in a while or on a regular basis. You are the reason why I keep doing this work, which I do out of passion. Thank you, THANK YOU!


What a great day we just had! My son, who will turn 7 in a few days, celebrated with a (Lego inspired) Alien Conquest themed birthday. Leesa from Send In The Clowns designed a fun invitation that gave the tone to the event. As usual, I like to get my kids' input before starting the planning process. They have so many ideas!

A few months ago, he came up with the idea of making a Jelly Bean cake... Sounds fun, so why not give it a try! Let's mix that with his favorite Lego sets, his two favorite colors, candy (he looooves candy, and I am one of those moms who limits sugar to a minimum, so that was a super treat), really fun games, his best friends, and we have a party!

Thanks to Leesa (Send In The Clowns) and Jackie (Hollywood Candy Girls) for adding your magic touches in making this day extra special!

Alien Conquest dessert table
The Jelly Bean cake
Jello was on the wish list!
We have a lime tree in the yard, so limeade it is.
Decorate your own flying saucer station
Candy tree
Happy birthday sweet boy!
Aliens abducting cake!
Hubby made the flying saucers. They looked perfect!