Team Umizoomi for a combined brother and sister's birthday

Since starting the business, we have always received a lot of requests to do cakes and cupcakes with licensed characters or themes. When it was just me (for the first year or so, I was doing it all!), I just had to say no. I wanted to create an image of my own, and how could I be different making another Mickey Mouse cake?

Toy Story display custom designed for a fabulous Send In The Clowns event.
More pictures here.

Once in a while, a very persisting client would simply not take no for an answer! Because I really wanted (and still do more than ever) our work to be one of a kind, I then agreed to do it only if I could do my own version of the theme.

Snow White cake. The birthday girl happened to have short black air with curls!

I always say that there is no need spending hours trying to duplicate a character. In the end, even if it is almost perfect, it can only be a not-so-perfect version of the original. So what's the point? That's why I like to create a figurine of the child dressed up as his or her favorite character. It is so much more personal and fun!

Star Wars cake and cupcakes, done and redone in every shades of blue, grey, black, and even purple for girls!

So we have designed some elaborate displays, some more simple. And in between I have created my very own Mickey Mouse design! In the end, there are no mistake about where the inspiration came from and the clients are always happy!

Mini Mouse cake and cupcakes. "Boy" version here.