The storms affecting Southern California this past week have created many challenges. Between friends protecting their house from potential mudslides, roof leaking at the bakery, deliveries taking all day, the market was no exception. We (the vendors) were not there for long since the wind join the heavy rain and made it simply impossible to stay. But I snapped some pictures with my phone and thought it would be nice to share.

Fabulous roses

The best cupcakes!

My fancy footwear...

Fraises de Californie

Last year, during my trip to Barcelona, I visited the most incredible market with a unique ambiance and offering. In addition to the fresh farm produce, the fish and local bakery products, the market of La Boqueria offers juice bars (the combination are endless and oh, SO fresh and delicious) and the most colorful candy and dried fruit displays. Here are a few pics...

Amazing fruit and vegetable display

Candies and nuts

Fresh eggs and afternoon treat