Our trip to the pumpkin farm last weekend

I never thought I would use divine to describe a pumpkin dessert. My mom and grandmas always cooked according to the French Canadian traditions, and pumpkin was no where to be found on any holiday table. Trough my years of sharing holidays with friends since living here, I have sampled many pumpkin pies, breads, puddings... It was just natural to introduce this flavor as the bright fruit is making a strong presence in the markets this time of year.

To my taste, I find that spices in pumpkin desserts can be overpowering. This treat uses a blend of spices to enhance the flavor of the fruit, from the bright orange flesh to the tasty seeds. The result is a fresh take on this classic flavor, with a moist pumpkin cake (made with organic pumpkin!) filled with a pumpkin spice mousse, topped with cream cheese frosting and brown sugar cinnamon roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum!

A quick shot of the pumpkin cupcake

This flavor will be available at both locations until Thanksgiving. Enjoy!