All cupcake enthusiasts know what a privilege it is to be mentioned on Cupcakes Take The Cake. What a nice surprise it was this morning to find out that Blue Cupcake had a whole article, complete with many pictures, on our cupcake towers! Here are a few more you haven't seen yet...

This first tower was inspired by the Spring Wedding Cupcake Tower, with the addition of dark blue accents. This addition transformed the look of the tower all together, changing the very vibrant design to a more classic rendition. I was thrilled with the result, so were the bride and groom!

Spring Wedding Cupcake Tower - Take 2!

This second wedding cupcake tower was for a couple who wanted to reflect their passion for the great outdoors. The bride originally felt in love with this tower, and she also wanted to keep the design simple while adding a modern twist.

Blue and brown cupcake tower

The newlyweds!

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